About Us

The Orange Wednesday Foundation (OWF) was established in loving memory of our brother, son, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend – Noah Jonathan Marks. The goal of this foundation is to celebrate and honor the facets of Noah’s life that made him remarkable and to serve and honor individuals and families struggling with mental health. OWF is named after Noah’s tradition of wearing orange pants on Wednesdays, begun when he and a few high school friends coincidentally all wore orange pants on the same day — a Wednesday. 

We do this specifically by:

  • Providing scholarships to high school graduates who want to pursue the study of the arts.
  • Providing grants to programs supporting and educating families facing mental health issues.
  • Providing grants for the creation of community arts projects and programs.
  • Providing grants to support existing mental health programs that incorporate the arts.

It is our hope that the Orange Wednesday Foundation will pay tribute to the full life that Noah led, be reflective of our combined love and devotion to his memory and promote better awareness and support for mental health.

Read the August 2018 Washington Post article about OWF and how its founders create a safe place for those who may be undergoing difficulties with mental health issues in their small business.